Clinical Psychologist 
Lecturer, UCLA Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Dr. Snibbe is a practicing clinical psychologist in Los Angeles, California.  He has directed mental health programs for Los Angeles County and Kaiser Permanente as well as served as a staff psychologist for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and the Los Angeles Police Department. Dr. Snibbe's current professional interests include PTSD, police psychology, and forensic psychology.

John R. Snibbe, PhD
Dr. Snibbe is a retired clinical psychologist, with over forty of years experience, who lectures about mental health and related clinical and social issues at UCLA and California State University Channel Islands. He also lectures on how the mentally ill are treated in court, jail facilities and by the police. Some of his classes include "The Police: What Life on the Street is Really Like," "Psychological Aspects of Aging," an eight session class on various diagnoses of mental illness, and "How the Mental Health System Works (or does not)." He has a special interest in the criminalization of the mentally illl and the issue of involuntary outpatient treatment for unmanaged mentally ill clients.

Mobile Mental Health Services

The Impact of Psychological Research and DNA Forensic Science on the Criminal Justice System

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